The Mystery of the Necklace

While I was at the dentist’s office a couple of weeks ago, I was reading a magazine while I was waiting for my examination. There was an ad in the magazine ad, but I didn’t care about what the ad was selling. In the magazine ad, there was a model who was wearing a beautiful choker pearl necklace. I was thinking about how great the necklace would look around my neck and that’s when I was called by the receptionist to see the dentist. I quickly pulled out my phone and took a picture of the magazine ad so I could look for the necklace later.

After the dentist poked, prodded, and cleaned my teeth, I drove home and looked at the picture of the ad from the magazine. I tried to find anything on the necklace that would help me identify who made it, but I couldn’t see anything. I asked some of my friends if they had seen the ad before or the necklace, but they hadn’t. I even went to a local jewelry store and asked them if they knew who made it, but they didn’t have an answer. I was beginning to get frustrated and about to give up the search.

As a last resort, I found a forum on the Internet where people talk about jewelry, and asked them if they had seen the pearl necklace from the ad. The first couple of replies told me that they didn’t know anything about it, but finally someone was able to answer my question. That particular necklace was sold online through a website, which the forum user linked me to in their reply. I bought the necklace as quickly as possible and thanked the forum user for helping me find it. I took some pictures of myself wearing it and uploaded them for everyone to see.