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All of it is for the viewers. Talk via PM or start a new thread. Condoms are a must-have if you're sleeping around, and most of porn is barebacking from what I've seen, and if you see a porn with condoms, you don't get to see the pause where the man puts it on and makes sure it's secured on the penis. From what I've heard, women don't know how to wash down there properly and never really ask how to do it. I applaud you for exploring your sexuality and body in an open and responsible manner and knowing what you like. I figure it would be demeaning to not kiss her afterwards.

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Everyone I've discussed it with said they liked the heels.

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The answer is probably no. I mean, do you taste your semen? Barely noticeable at all. I usually spell it as "come" for the action, and "cum" for the noun, but everything I read said "come" was classier for either. Watch some lesbian porn made for lesbians, like the Crash Pad series. Most I have tasted were like this. Sex has a smell and it's not always pleasant.

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girl liking her own vagina
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girl liking her own vagina

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