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She could feel how excited her body was becoming, every inch of her on fire. No one believed them, and ever since every single person in the office never let Dwight or Angela out of their sight, trying to catch them in the act once again. He seemed perfectly calm and pretended nothing unusual was taking place. He wanted her so fucking bad right now that if he thought about it anymore, or watched how that thong disappeared into her ass, he'd blow his load all over her back and it would be wasted. Pam looked up at him, and without missing a beat said "Will my Halloween costume work? He tried to block out Dwight for the rest of the day, and amazingly actually managed to get a little bit of work done — no more and no less than any other day.

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He pushed himself further down until he got to the hem of her skirt.

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Fic: The First Time (Jim/Pam) R

He felt so fucking dirty, knowing he was about to fuck Pam on her pink cotton comforter, but one look at her ass in the air and he knew this would be worth it. He stroked it softly through her lace bra, and he felt her body grind into him. The rest of the movie was easy to get through. He knocked louder and still nothing. She moaned into his mouth and pulled him closer to her, feeling her bare back beneath her fingers.

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pam the office sex
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