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Watch this video of Seth Macfarlane making a joke about Weinstein years ago. I think people have clumped them together as one moment and that's not true. I was fat — a fat little pig in pigtails. Here's a guy who has countless jokes about him being a pedophile when he's had multiple accusers confess they lied. There must be some terrible shit going on while this is just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, I finally heard back on a job I had applied for months previously and I quit with less than 2 weeks notice.

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Never wanted to work again.

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I haven't seen a recent pic of him lately, but I hope he's starting to recover. Log in or sign up in seconds. With the NYT having articles come out just a day or two before, I wonder if journalists at different outlets talk to each other about the story they're working on and agree to release them at the same time to serve as a punch. She had terrible relationships with men and seems to keep making these mistakes, although she's been a lot more self sufficent and strong in the last couple years than she used to be. There's no reason a grown adult should have asked parents if he could take their 15 year old daughters away from set and there's no reason those parents should have let them go. Because let's face it, "show parents" are notorious for profiting off their kids. Of course, if they stay mad and she's not a stereotypical show parent, then yeah definitely zero reason to trust them.

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