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The two of them were becoming very horney, the blood was rushing althroughout their bodies, they were ready to move on. So Ash stopped going fast and went in hard, then pulled back, waited a few seconds, and then slammed in her hard again. Chapter 8 Date 3 9. Although only after a few minutes Ash couldn't control himself and he released inside Serena. Ash began a kissing assault on Serena's breasts, he kissed every single part of them.

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The pidgey and pidgeotto were flying through the sky, chirping.

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In the world they lived in, pokemon were hunted and used for food, just not a lot. I don't want to do this often, but tonight, I really want it. I have some chapters coming up with more… story you could say. Only a minute had passed since they released and Serena got on all fours and looked at Ash with lustful eyes. Serena was releasing small amounts of juices for she could not contain it all anymore, but she held out for the both of them. The truth was serena didn't mind doing this for Ash one bit. Chapter 21 New Beginnings

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girl pokemon haveing sex with ash
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girl pokemon haveing sex with ash
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