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The teenage suicide rate in rural areas is nearly double the rate in highly urbanized areas Yet the rise in suicide rates represents a significant and growing public health threat, and requires action. The teenage suicide rate increased from 8 deaths perin to 8. This may be partially explained by their greater concentrations in rural areas, where the risk of suicide is much greater see map. From tothe overall suicide rate among teenage girls increased by 1. A rising suicide rates among teenage girls is driving the higher overall suicide rate.

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The teenage suicide rate increased from 8 deaths perin to 8.

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Suicide Replaces Homicide as Second-Leading Cause of Death Among U.S. Teenagers

In other words, the increased rate of suffocation deaths accounted for virtually all of the increase in the suicide rate among teenage girls. Higher suicide rates are driven in part by changes in the method of suicide. Among teenage boys, the suicide rate by suffocation increased by almost 60 percent across this period, but their overall suicide rate remained stable at 13 deaths perdue to a drop in the rate of suicide by other methods including firearms. The share of teenage suicides due to suffocation rose from more than one-quarter 27 percent in to nearly one-half 45 percent in The frequency of suffocation a particularly lethal form of self-harm, which includes hanging as the reported cause of suicide-related death among teenagers nearly doubled over the past 15 years.

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