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I then asked him to pee inside me he has done this befor but never with this pussy opening thing in it took him a while to pee so I laid there on my knees leaning as far forward as I could to keep the pee in. We fucked a couple hours ago and then she passed out on my bed. She rolled over and went back to sleep. She's never been like this before. On one hand, I might have just let go in my shorts and continued working. Surprisingly, I kept pissing in her and it seemed to all be staying in. With that said, even if you could piss while hard, that's stupid.

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Surprisingly, I kept pissing in her and it seemed to all be staying in.

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Snapchat Girl Tells Story About The Time She Had To Take A Drug Test – NSFW!

Wow, I'm kind of getting hard thinking about it. Brb, hurting to pee and peeing all over the place. How long did you have to think about this before you asked your doctor for advice? I know we will likely be fucking again in a matter of minutes, and in the morning. Then you tell me I should be responsible? He went on to tell us it would be ok for me to pee while inside her butt or she could suck on me without ill effects. Also, I don't pull out when I cum.

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pee in her butt story
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pee in her butt story
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