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This is also how women are taught to be good hosts. Sex is always a step behind social progress in other areas because of its intimacy. There might be other reasons. Or consider how routinely many women are condescended to and dismissed by their own physicians. These days, a man can walk out of his doctor's office with a prescription for Viagra based on little but a self-report, but it still takes a woman, on average, 9. If you asked yourself why "Grace" didn't leave Ansari's apartment as soon as she felt "uncomfortable," you should be asking the same question here.

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Per Sullivan's request, I'm talking about biology.

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Anal pain (proctalgia)

Her repeated objections and pleas that they "slow down" were all well and good, but they did not square with the fact that she eventually gave Ansari oral sex. To insist that this is is just how men are, and how sex is. Here's a very unscientific Twitter poll I did that found just that. At every turn, women are taught that how someone reacts to them does more to establish their goodness and worth than anything they themselves might feel. At what point does sex magically transform from enduring someone doing something to you that you don't like — but remember: To subordinate their desires to those of others. Talking details is hard, and it's good we're finally starting to.

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