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I used to cut small trees down with 8 bird shot, in my reckless youth. I would take this with a grain of salt, meters is a long ways. In the west, the Mosin Nagant and its 7. Inthe Russian military opened a new commission under the direction of major general N. It had a ballistic coefficient G1 BC of approximately 0. Our test ammunition was manufactured by Factory in With a relatively poor Ballistic Coefficient, approximately.

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With hand loads, grain bullets can be driven at fps in carbines and up to fps in long barreled rifles.

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At one levelMosins were successfully used for inside dwelling combat various places from Stalingrad to Berlininclusive. At the same time the standard 7N13 7. As hard body armor saw increasing use in militaries, the 7N1 was replaced in by the 7N14 special load developed for the SVD. The following year, two Russian revolutions saw the Russian monarchy overthrown by what would become the Communist government, halting any further overseas production of rifles. He never shot anyone but was fully confident in his loads. Furthermore, a great many Russian snipers were women. Some rifles have acceptably tight bores, others suffering very loose dimensions during production or afterwards, as a result of corrosive ammunition.

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7.62x54r maximum penetration range
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7.62x54r maximum penetration range
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