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I feel so very sorry for them, having such an ignorant and abusive father, who has no clue about the mentality and development of children. First of all this says basically only do 3 things, leave, be calm and take time for yourself…. While learning an actual lesson, your child will also become a more confident and loving person. On the flip side of that, the evidence presented proving that wrongful spanking is, in fact, wrong, is very high, and that there are few given reasons TO spank a child. We particularly focus on spanking at age 1, which has received less attention than spanking at older ages.

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Taking away from play time and locking them in a room with no toys and no tv will ensure this.

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Hitting (Spanking)

We have had some difficult conversations in the past and it is generally awkward and uncomfortable for both of us. There are many ways to teach respect, model respect and expect respect that DO NOT include spanking or over-powering your child. There have been plenty of times I've wanted to, and plenty of times where I thought a little friendly advice could help, but I know that more often than not it will backfire badly. A prospective study of infants and toddlers. There are plenty of non-violent ways to discipline without passing negative behaviors onto your […]. All the spanking in the world won't teach a child until he or she is developmentally ready.

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