Total world domination

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An opposite view was expressed by Hans Morgenthau. Tomorrow air bases may be the highroad to power and domination… Obviously it is only by air bases … that power exercised in the sovereign skies above a nation can be stretched far beyond its shores… Perhaps… future acquisitions of air bases … can carry the voice of America through the skies to the ends of the earth. Now, however, this is possible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Americanization Global empirea world power with territory or influence in many places throughout the world. In the 4th century BCE, Alexander the Great notably expressed a desire to conquer the world, [6] and a legend persists that after he completed his military conquest of the known ancient worldhe "wept because he had no more worlds to conquer", [7] although he was unaware of China farther to the east and had no way to know about civilizations in the Americas. Historically, world domination has been thought of in terms of a nation expanding its power to the point that all other nations are subservient to it.

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Review of Aldous Huxley:

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World domination

Wikiquote has quotations related to: In the early 17th century, Sir Walter Raleigh proposed that world domination could be achieved through control of the oceanswriting that "whosoever commands the sea commands the trade ; whosoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of the world, and consequently the world itself". The period of the Cold Warin particular, is considered to be a period of intense ideological polarization, given the existence of two rival blocs—the capitalist West and the communist East —that each expressed the hope of seeing the triumph of their ideology over that of the enemy. Secrecy and Power in American Culture. In some instances, speakers have accused nations or ideological groups of seeking world domination, even where those entities have denied that this was their goal. Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age.

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total world domination
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total world domination
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