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Four years ago, Malcolm McDowell expressed his outrage over the editing process and script changes: Thursday, 01 October When the shooting was completed in DecemberBrass was fired. Dame Shows Riders Proper Etiquette. NYC is ruled by the Second Amendment

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Guccione and post-production director Giancarlo Lui sneaked back on to the set after the official shooting schedule had finished and added the most explicit sequences, including the famous lesbian scene, with the help of Penthouse's favourite porn stars.

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Naked Dame Helen Mirren exposes bare breasts and bottom in X-RATED Caligula throwback

Links will not be permitted. The film was supposed to chronicle the last four years in the life of the power-mad Caligula — the "viper in Rome's bosom" - whose brief reign as emperor ended with his murder in AD And I don't think Caligula qualifies under the heading of bad art. The making of the film is as legendary as the finished product. He duly called up Helen Mirren and she accepted the part of Caligula's wife, and Gielgud and O'Toole came on board soon after.

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