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If you're having trouble finding it, or don't want to risk getting a virus I have a Mac so I'm goodcomment below with why I should send you the video, and I will send it to anyone deserving of seeing Erin Andrews' nude, luscious, wonderful, unclothed body. Below sex tapes are upskirts and nip slips. Erin Andrews as taped through the Marriott peephole. But here's my advice: The video is low quality, but that's because it's one of those awesome illegal voyeur videos some guy shot by drilling a peephole in his adjoining hotel room into Erin Andrew's room while she's curling her hair naked and doing squatting exercises. We were blessed from above by the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian sex tapes, and since then, nothing. But now that she's confirmed it is her soft, golden, amazingly beautiful body, the news is all over the internet I found out about from the front page of Yahoo.

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Why would anyone commit suicide with news like that?

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Erin Andrews peephole video likely shot by fellow ESPN employee: report

From a peephole at the Marriott no less. But I do know where to find it, and I have a copy on my computer. God, the world is a wonderful place. Erin Andrews and other girls sport way less clothes than this. Erin Andrews as taped through the Marriott peephole.

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