Stills from the hustler

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Eventually, Fast Eddie picks up a cue himself, and does well in several games, but is taken in by a pool shark named Amos. An exception was a jump shot over two balls to sink another. According to Scorsese, Gleason apparently agreed with Newman's opinion that Minnesota Fats was not essential to the film's story. How am I funny? Sequels usually tend to use the original story as a crutch to make a subpar, watered down retelling of an original, except with different characters playing similar roles.

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Scorsese said that Gleason was presented a draft of the script that had Fats worked into the narrative, but that upon reading it, Gleason declined to reprise the role because he felt that the character seemed to have been added as "an afterthought".

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Reflecting the general theme of the film, director Martin Scorsese delivers an opening uncredited voiceoverdescribing the game of nine-ballover a scene of cigarette smoke and a piece of cue chalk:. I have found a cropped version for purchase, but the pano version is much better. A remake of the Hong Kong gangland thriller "Infernal Affairs," the film tells of an undercover officer DiCaprio infiltrating the organization of Boston crime boss Frank Costello Nicholson - unaware that Costello has planted his own compatriot inside the Massachusetts State Police's unit investigating organized crime. Retrieved September 14, In Paris a Christian fundamentalist group lobbed Molotov cocktails into one theater showing the film, injuring 14 people. Because of this illness, I really couldn't participate.

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stills from the hustler
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stills from the hustler
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