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She shoved her breasts in his face, and he alternated sucking on each nipple. Then, Jackson heard another voice. Well, yesterday afternoon before you got home from school, I saw my dad beating off, in his room. She didn't know what she should do. Neither of them had noticed him or Rico, thankfully.

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Because she has the Chickenpox that's why!

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His half-hard cock sprang free, and Sienna immediately grabbed it. Rico submitted, eager to play more, and to try something new. Jackson ripped off his shirt, while Sienna stood up and wriggled out of her jeans. Lily was gasping for air as Miley licked all of Lily's tasty cum off of her chest. At that moment, Miley decided that since this was going to happen anyway, why not enjoy it? She nodded, and went back to work. She then worked her way back to the head, and began to pull the dick into her mouth, and out again.

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