Naruto cums in sakura

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They looked at each other before walking inside. He reached for his side pocket and pulled out a kunai. Sakura smiled again bring her other foot to his cock. Naruto nodded and with a few more thrusts he burst into Sakura needy womb. Sakura could feel her mind starting to fade. Naruto stood their, pulling his pants down, along with his boxers as Sakura sucked on her finger on her right hand, then slowly sliding them across the fabric of her panties, rubbing them across her wet pussy.

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She gave him a smile as Naruto smiled back.

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Naruto and Sasuke fuck Sakura

He cut the engine as stepped out as Sakura followed. Sakura leaned up so she could grab him. H ran into the room and over to the briefcase, popped it open to find the rifle and his ammunition. Sakura dropped backwards landing on the bed panting heavily. Sakura stepped into hers and Naruto's apartment they had just got before he left on his mission. Sakura picked up her gloves and headed towards her door grabbing a hair tie on her way by.

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naruto cums in sakura
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naruto cums in sakura

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