Reon wire stripper

In operation, a user threads an insulated single conductor cable through the first bore 18 of the wire guide insert 14 so it is in position for cutting the engaged position of FIG. The wire stripping tools that are presently known for accomplishing this task range from sophisticated complicated machinery to simple hand tools. Laser wire stripping machines are used mostly for very fine gauge wires since they do not damage the conductor. The arm 36 is sized so that the rotary knife blade 26 can be rotated into the slot 30 formed in the top of the wire guide insert 14 so that the blade of the cutting wheel 26 is located the uppermost bore The cable stripping device according to claim 3 wherein the linkage assembly comprises:. A knife guard located in proximity to the knife may also be provided for shielding the knife from the user.

A common element in most wire stripping devices is the blade that is necessary to split the insulation on the cable.

Wire stripper

Cutting and abrasive tools. A device for stripping insulation or dielectric housing from a cable or wire comprising:. Wire stripper Wire strippers. In accordance with the invention, a device is disclosed for stripping the insulation or dielectric housing from a cable or wire. This upward bias traps the rounded protrusion 48 in the hooked-shaped detent 50 of the latch and locks the knife in the engaged position of FIG.

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