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A slow-motion clip of Jessica Alba running through some trees with a tight tshirt on and having her breasts bounce nicely. She then flips over onto her back while making out with the guy afterward. Jessica Alba looking sexy while wearing leather chaps and a studded bra as she dances around as a stripper in front of a green screen for her new movie Sin City from Access Hollywood. Jessica Alba seen in a full color very low frame rate scene in a black bra as she takes off a blonde wig and then smacks her head into a mirror before taking a piece of the broken mirror and cutting her face with it while a guy watches all during some behind-the-scenes footage in front of a green screen set to music with no dialogue. Trippin Jessica Alba Jessica Alba bending over and kissing a dolphin and then wagging her tongue at it pretending to kiss it some more before standing up and adjusting and pulling down her bikini top and showing off some of her breast in the process from the MTV show Trippin. Jessica Alba driving a boat in slow motion while wearing a blue bikini top with hard nipples.

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Machete Jessica Alba Jessica Alba standing naked in a shower, one leg bent in front of the other with her bare butt visible from the side.

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Jessica Alba wearing a yellow bikini with hard nipples and Cameron Diaz wearing a blue bikini top with hard nipples as they play under a shower and rinse themselves off while spitting water at the camera from MTV's Trippin. Jessica Alba almost exposing a breast as she removes a bath robe and gets into a bubble bath. Jessica Alba doing a sexy dance on stage at a bar, wearing short shorts with chaps over them, a cowgirl-style bikini top and hat as she spins a lasso while gyrating her hips. Trippin Jessica Alba Jessica Alba getting into a boat in slow motion and then sitting on the side of it for a while all while wearing a yellow bikini top from MTV's Trippin. Oscar Preshow Jessica Alba Jessica Alba wearing a low cut gold dress that show some cleavage as she poses for photographers by herself and with a guy from the E! Jessica Alba wearing a thin white tank top as she climbs into a bath tub with a guy, her left nipple being outlined as the wet fabric clings to her breasts and she makes out with the guy.

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