Erotic diarrhoea fantasy lyrics

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High On Fire Electric Messiah.

Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy lyrics

Pig Destroyer Head Cage. Megadeth Rust In Peace. Sirenia Arcane Astral Aeons. Charts Top of Top Login Register or use. Torsofuck - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy lyrics. Four Legged Whore Few days ago I bought a cat It is so cute, I want to fuck it hard Walking on four legs, shaking that little ass Dirty fucking slut who deserves to suffer I place my cock in the center of its asshole Hard push, damn its tight but feels so good I fuck like a rabbid, cat screams in agony Faster and faster, cat is unconscious I cut off its tail and shove it up my ass Innards ripped out, head cut off, cat is fucked up Squirting my sperm allover the mess Tomorrow I'm gonna buy a dog

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