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Round ligament Broad ligament Cardinal ligament Uterosacral ligament Pubocervical ligament. After giving birth, the vaginal opening usually has nothing left but hymenal tags carunculae mytriformes and is called "parous introitus". Documentation of Acute Injuries Using Photo-colposcopy". A minor surgery can fix an imperforate hymen. We agree with Rogers and Stark that so called rupture and bleeding of the hymen is not to be routinely expected after first sexual intercourse. In newborn babies, still under the influence of the mother's hormonesthe hymen is thick, pale pink, and redundant folds in on itself and may protrude.

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Imperforate hymen

Torn hymen heals hastily in younger children. By the time a girl reaches school-age, this hormonal influence has stopped and the hymen becomes thin, smooth, delicate and almost translucent. Find out about the methods of contraception available on the NHS. In the human society life of a female undergoes incredible prompt changes since she is a little child. Some of Roye's patients raise questions like whether riding a bicycle or use of tampons or if a partner inserts a finger inside the vagina can harm their hymens making them de- virginized whereas some parents ask to check whether their daughters are virgin. There are signs of infection after surgery, such as pain, pus, or fever. When to Call the Doctor.

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hymen of puberty girl
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hymen of puberty girl
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