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They go to a market and only want to pay for half a basket of vegetables. I work for several fortune clients I am a consultant now that want better online results. I am also building my acre ranch and I can hit a target at yards repeatedly. Weight Watchers with Sharon Osborne looking like a wax figure, talking to a bird about how delicious her WW meals are. ANY ad featuring the voice of a would-be hipster chick talking in that grating, laid-back, 'vocal fry' kind of voice.

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Black men don't seem to mind being used to make White men feel inadequate- until it backfires -in a million ways - on the job, in a Court room, on a police traffic stop, etc

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Which commercials are you hating right now?

How bout those dirty hands? A cousin knows one of the lawyers. Maybe they love the girl's big afro and guitar. This ad is ghetto personified -- it has no budget. The latest commercial with his charmless daughter and her stupid flower crown make me want them all to disappear.

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